The New Kitchen project

This kitchen project is a total make over. All the cabinets go, as do the tops and the ceiling gets tore out. Normally the ceiling has very little done to it but in this case the dropped ceiling that was designed for the kitchen area to house the “galley” lighting was extended all the way across the room (about 20 feet worth or dropped ceiling). We will be reusing the dishwasher but all other appliances will be new.

Since we are dropping the existing ceiling and raising the drywall up to a standard 8′ ceiling all the insulation is going to fall out. So the dust on this job is going to be very bad. We have taped plastic over the door openings

These are shots of the end of the day. We made good progress. The last two are shots of the plastic with a zipper attached so that the homeowner has access. It also allows us to enter and exit without allowing a ton of dust to transfer to other rooms.