Invisia Grad bars and Bathroom Accessories

Now a days every bathroom seems to have grab bars in them or they are being installed. The obvious reason for this is an awareness that as we age balancing issues develop, and if we are honest even in the young there are times that a little extra stability is a good thing. That being the case, companies are striving to offer more options to homeowners that allow them to still have a style or theme in their bathroom as opposed to a hard-ugly-institutionalized look you might find in a hospital or your local storing center ADA bathroom (and honestly who want to be reminded of either of those places while in the comfort of your own home). So to that end, we at Houck Remodeling have partnered with a new company to give those that want a clean, simple look with theĀ  safety and assurance of a fully functional grab bar system. We now offer the Invisia line of grab bars and bath accessories ( Take for example the corner soap dish grab bar: Its able to hold 500lb’s comes in chrome and brushed nickle and the shelf material can be made out of what ever you like (although it does come with a solid surface shelf).

Again, Houck Remodeling is an exclusive deal in the area. We are the only ones with these products on display.