Curb-less Shower unit

Everyone’s done it. You don’t quite lift your foot high enough to clear that threshold that keeps the water in the shower, and lets your shower door rest on it. worse yet you clear the threshold but catch the shower door door track. In doing so, you darn near rip toes from your foot as you try desperately not to cry due to the excruciating pain or fall in the shower as you grasp desperately to check the toe count on your foot.

What if you didn’t have to have that darn thing? Maybe you don’t… Now not every bathroom is suitable to a shower with no threshold but some are…this one was.

The entire floor is water proofed and as are the main walls in the shower area. The floor and walls were tiled, the shower had a niche installed as well as a small bench. Again, Moen was the faucet of choice and a single glass panel was installed to help contain the shower water into the main washing area. Not shown are the new Waypoint cabinets and granite tops with Moen fixtures.

IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2566