Bathroom in an Attic

This was quite the interesting bathroom. It started as a “find the leak” job. The homeowner had called us because their shower had developed a leak into their kitchen. As we were trouble shooting the leak it was immediately noticed that the previous contractor had taken a standard 60″ shower base and built two walls on top of the threshold. Obviously this is not the intended use of the material and would, without a doubt, fail. It was only a mater of time…

The homeowner really only had one choice (well two if living with a bucket in the middle of the kitchen is an option) and that was to tear out the existing and replace it with a new, correctly installed, unit. After tearing out the entire shower unit, and removing the toilet and vanity base/top we started to rebuild the bathroom. Nothing was level to there was quite a bit of leveling of the floor before the unit went in. We also found a hidden junction box with live wires in it (as opposed to an abandoned, non-powered one). We moved that up into the attic so that it was accessible and safe (why the original contractor didn’t do it is beyond me). After the caulk less 60″ unit was installed the new floor went down, and everything else was reinstalled. This was a 3 day job start to finish.


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