About Us

Houck Remodeling started as RH Services Inc. back in 1984. The company RH Services Inc. was founded and operated by Ron Houck Sr.

1984 – 1986

The primary focus of the business was to provide maintenance and repairs on privately held properties. These properties were primarily residential with a few commercial properties mixed in as well.

1986 – 1996

The focus of RH Services Inc. shifted from property maintenance to residential projects to better utilize the work force being developed.


RH Services Inc. went through the change from a corporation to a general partnership. The business became officially know as RH Services Partnership. The two partners were and currently are Ron Houck Sr. & Ron Houck Jr.

1997 – 2001

RH Services partnership continued to develop a strong customer base. Up until 1999 all business was done out of the home and customers were sent to other stores to see products. In April of 2000 39 w. Franklin St. in Centerville, Ohio was purchased and RH Services had it own showroom.

2001 – 2003

With the economic down turn, and impending military action due to the September 11th attacks RH Services suffered financially. Business dropped by 50% in the year 2002, and dropped another 10% in 2003. In an effort to stay in business RH Services changed its name to Houck Remodeling. This was done to better state “what we do” and to better reach the customers specifically looking for remodeling services.


Currently Houck Remodeling does between 25-30 bathrooms and 5-10 kitchens a year. In the past year Houck Remodeling has seen growth in light commercial projects as well as a sustained residential customer base. Our work force consists of just father and son. In rare cases we will have laborers. On jobs where sub-contractors are needed we have a pool of reliable companies to choose from.