A Spacious Master Bath Conversion

When this room addition was put on back in the 90’s the contractor designed it in such a way that you couldn’t turn around without bumping into a wall, a fixture or anyone else who might be in the room as well. You would enter into the room through a recessed door, the closet was on your right (through another door), the vanity was directly ahead of you, and to your left was yet another door leading into the tub/shower area. Once in the tub/shower area you could turn left and open the linen closet, go straight and get in the tub, or turn right, and back yourself onto the toilet. Amazingly (read that with heavy sarcasm) the contractor the did the addition went out of business shortly after creating this monstrosity. Our job was to fix this. Here are some before photos:

IMG_1141 IMG_1136 IMG_1137 IMG_1138 IMG_1140











































We started by doing a complete demolition, everything went (except the closet). The floor, walls, tub, toilet, linen closet….everything. Once the demolition was done, we reworked some of the plumbing, added new can lights, installed a partial wall to receive the new shower. We installed a new “in-floor” heater. New doors were installed and custom stain was made in our shop to match the cabinets and existing wood work. A new shower base was installed and new tile walls in the shower, as well as a new Alumax Heavy glass shower door. A new ceiling fan/light was added. Inside the shower we made two custom niches, one for soap and such and one much lower as a foot hold for shaving legs. A new vanity top was installed along with new light bars, and matching custom framed mirrors (the framing was done in our shop). New Waypoint Cabinetry was installed, along with a new toilet and new 18″x18″ tile floor. Two new doors were installed one for the bathroom and one for the closet. Here are the finished photos:

IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1181 IMG_1182