Pulse Shower Display is Finished

We have been waiting for a little bit on the rest of the Pulse Shower display. It has shown up and is installed. Here is a link to their web site: http://www.pulseshowerspas.com. We are the only authorized deal of these in the Dayton area (actually i believe we are still the only ones offering them in Ohio). They are a very nice product. Basically the unit installs into an existing tub/shower area and has integrated body spays, a handheld and a new shower head (they also come with tub spouts if it is being installed into an tub/shower unit). These display units have their own master valve as well. This is a great option for remodeling if you don’t want the cost of re-plumbing the entire shower, not to mention the extra valves and diverters to accommodate all these accessories. They can be installed on any surface (so long as it is smooth – no molded soap dishes or such).





http://www.pulseshowerspas.com/pulseshowerspas_makena.htm (this is actually the Makena II, the difference is the hand held style and the shower arm)