Blind “pull” Cabinets in the Kitchen

The kitchen below is obviously not the largest in the world, only comprising of 11 cabinets, and with space being a premium, we had to utilize that space as efficiently as possible. With the a fore mentioned space issues (the owner didn’t want to knock any walls down, nor did they want to encroach on the attached dinning room) we had to utilize “blind pull” cabinets (or “blind cabinet”) in the wall and floor runs. A “blind-pull” cabinet is one that extends back past the adjacent cabinet to utilize a corner area where there isn’t room for a traditional “corner” cabinet. We also “flipped” a cabinet (not shown) for better usage. The flipped cabinet sits to the left of the dishwasher and to the right of the cabinet next to the stove. You can access the cabinet from the dinning area. With again limited space on the walls, we tried to maximized the storage space again with the blind pull. However, there has to be a balance and since the kitchen adjoins the dining area we added a nick-knack shelf on the left end of the wall cabinet run. While you can only see part of the shelf in the photo, we felt this helped to soften the transition between rooms. We also installed a new granite top, Moen faucet, and instant hot water dispenser.


IMG_1230 IMG_1229 IMG_1228 IMG_1227 Granite Kitchen